In the development of the Vaude Yara, the focus was on the compromise between sole stiffness and flexibility. The shoe is very comfortable without being stiff. The upper part is very aerial, which is pretty good for warm temperatures. The Cleansport NXT equipment in the sole reduces body-odor. Great Color! „Lots of reflecting elements, hook-and-pile fastener. Like the women’s model, the men’s model is good for walking and biking. Light, aerial meshmaterial: more a shoe for summer than for winter.”

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Premium Sportswear from Löffler is asked in whole Europe. LÖFFLER works for more than 20 years with sustainability. Meanwhile, nearly 100 % of the products fulfil the OEKO-TEX-Standard 100, which brings safety for human and body from dangerous substrates in textiles.

Ultra-light are the jerseys of the new material Race AERO.

It brings not only all functional advantages; the special structure, which is covered with small dimples – the so called Dimple-Structure – which is similar to the structre of golf balls, additionally reduces the air resistance – for a better aerodynamic.

Race AERO guarantees a fast sweat transportation, dries fast and is breathable, of course.

The new ultralight material is from the LÖFFLER internal knitting mill and specialized for bike racing jerseys.

The shorts with breezy net-holders keep your back dry with transtex®-lining.

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TEMPO is the new model of the BLIZ ACTIVE EYEWEAR-collection. The model is based on a rising demand for sportsglasses with a maximum view field, which are fitting on the head lightly.
We see a big potential for thinner glasses in a variety of sports, where the view field and light weight is essential. TEMPO is a model, which is very good for running and biking – where both mentioned features are very important. But in comparison to other available sportglasses on the market with similar characteristics, BLIZ decided not to relinquish flexibility.
The flexibility is unique for this model. The user can use the frame with or without the ‚top bar‘; depending on individual tastes and sports. The weight of the TEMPO without ‘top bar’ is only 24 grams and there’s nothing distracting in the view filed, even if you’re in a deep position on your bike or if you’re running in a rough terrain, for example.
The TEMPO will be produced of the high quality material Grillamid TR 90, which is very light and most flexible. Next to unbreakable polycarbonate glasses, the TEMPO offers a customizable frame and a nosebrige made of rubber. Additional contrast glasses with high quality optics and a 20mm wide headband are also included, which brings more flexibility for the range of use. A hardcase with bags for additional glasses and a cleaning microfiber cloth are included, of course.

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